MOSCOW, Jan. 25 (Sputnik) - The farmers' protests that have erupted in France have the support of 89% of the French, an Odoxa-Backbone Consulting poll for Le Figaro newspaper showed on Wednesday.

According to the poll, the level of support for the farmers' protests reaches 97% among the supporters of France's Republican Party.

Some 78% of the French believe that the European Union's agricultural policy is having a negative impact on the business of French farmers. The majority of French citizens, or about 83%, also said French President Emmanuel Macron does not sufficiently support the country's farmers — the opinion shared by 58% of those supporting Macron's Renaissance party.

Since last Thursday, farmers in France have been blocking highways and dumping manure and waste in front of government buildings across the country. The farmers are demanding recognition of the importance of their profession and denouncing the government's agricultural policies, which they believe make them uncompetitive.

The president of the National Federation of Agricultural Holders' Unions (FNSEA), Arnaud Rousseau, announced an indefinite extension of the farmers' actions, adding that the protests are expected to swarm 85 out of the 96 departments of France's European part by the end of the week.

Photo from AFP