Phnom Penh (FN), Sep. 17 – Cambodian information minister Neth Pheaktra requested the Japan-Cambodia Association to help disseminate information about Cambodia in Japanese. In this sense, Japanese citizens can know Cambodia’s latest developments.

The information minister spoke during a meeting with the president of the Japan-Cambodia Association (JCA) Takahashi Fumiaki on 15 September 2023 at the Ministry of Information.

Neth Pheaktra underscored multi-sectoral cooperation between the Ministry of Information and the Japan-Cambodia Association for the promotion of the role of Japanese investors in Cambodia and the dissemination of information about Cambodia to Japan.

In the past, the information minister requested the Japanese ambassador to Cambodia to broadcast news in Japanese language on the National Television of Cambodia (TVK), so that Japanese citizens will know more about Cambodia, particularly Japanese investors and tourists.

Meanwhile, Pheaktra requested the JCA to cooperate with the private sector, especially Japanese companies, to support the dissemination of information, which is an important goal in promoting Japanese investment and the assistance of the Japanese government and people in Cambodia. Broadcasting in Japanese language will also allow Cambodian citizens to learn a new foreign language.

Taking this occasion, Pheaktra supported the establishment of a representative office of the Japan-Cambodia Association in Cambodia to attract more Japanese investors to Cambodia.

Lastly, Pheaktra thanked the government and the people of Japan for their support and assistance in rebuilding and developing infrastructure in Cambodia. He believed that Japan would continue to support Cambodia and encourage more Japanese investors to come to Cambodia. He also expressed his congratulation on the 70th anniversary of Cambodia-Japan diplomatic ties and wished that the diplomatic ties would be further strengthened.