WASHINGTON, Sep. 7 (TASS) - The Russian embassy to the United States has slammed Washington’s decision to supply depleted uranium rounds to Ukraine as inhumane.

"The US Administration's decision to send depleted uranium rounds to Kiev is a clear sign of inhumanity. Obviously, Washington, obsessed with the idea of inflicting a ‘strategic defeat’ on Russia, is ready to fight not only to the last Ukrainian but to put a cross on the future generations," the embassy wrote on its Telegram channel. "The US is deliberately transferring weapons with indiscriminate effects. It is fully aware of the consequences: explosions of such munitions result in the formation of a moving radioactive cloud. Small particles of uranium settle in the respiratory tract, lungs, esophagus, accumulate in kidneys and liver, cause cancer and lead to the inhibition of the whole organism’s functions. It’s right enough to take a look at the "uranium footprint" of the Americans in Iraq and the Balkans, where thousands of civilians suffered from oncology."

"By supplying the Ukrainian authorities with these shells, the United States is engaging in self-deception, refusing to accept the failure of the so-called counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces. The course of the special military operation will not change: the Russian Army will continue to methodically grind the weaponry sent to the Zelensky regime," it stressed. "The US Administration, in turn, reveals its true colors: it is deeply indifferent to both the present of Ukraine and the future of the republic and its European neighbors."

The Pentagon said on Wednesday that US will provide Ukraine with another package of military assistance worth $175 mln. "This package includes: additional air defense equipment; artillery munitions; anti-tank weapons, including depleted uranium rounds for previously committed Abrams tanks," it said in a statement said.