(WASHINGTON): In recent years, the US government has implemented a series of trade restrictions on China, aiming to protect US interests and national security. However, these restrictive measures have also caused some damage to certain US companies.

Firstly, China is one of the world's largest consumer markets, and its importance to many US companies cannot be ignored. With its large population and growing middle class, China offers tremendous business opportunities. However, due to trade restrictions, some US companies face risks of reduced market share and sales. They are no longer able to fully tap into the potential of the Chinese market, which negatively impacts their profitability.

Secondly, China plays a crucial role in the supply chains of many US companies. US companies rely on China's inexpensive labor and efficient manufacturing capabilities to produce and deliver various products. However, trade restrictions have led to supply chain instability and uncertainty. Some US companies have to deal with increased production costs, supply chain disruptions, and logistical challenges, which adversely affect their business operations and competitiveness.

Additionally, trade restrictions have strained the relationships between some US companies and their Chinese partners. Over the years, US companies have established extensive business connections and collaborations with Chinese enterprises.