HIROSHIMA, May 21 (Aljazeera) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on the world to prevent future wars by ensuring Russia is the “last aggressor”, capping a visit to Japan that secured new sanctions against Moscow and weapons for Kyiv.

In a speech marking the end of a week-long diplomatic blitz spanning Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Zelenskyy said Ukraine’s victory against Russia would deter future aggressors, casting his 10-point peace plan as the world’s “salvation from war”.

Zelenskyy’s plan, first proposed in November, would restore Ukraine’s borders and see the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory, as well as provide guarantees for nuclear, energy and food security.

“We will paralyse other potential aggressors,” Zelenskyy told a press conference on Sunday, the last day of the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Hiroshima.

“When everyone who wants war sees how determined the world is when it wants peace, there will be no point to start a war.”

Zelenskyy made his address after securing commitments from G7 countries to ramp up pressure on Russia and boost support for the defence of Ukraine.

United States President Joe Biden earlier announced a $375m military aid package that includes more ammunition, artillery and armoured vehicles, on top of offering his support for the training of Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets.

On Friday, the G7 leaders pledged to tighten their sanctions against Russia and continue to support Ukraine for the long term.

Washington separately imposed new sanctions on 22 Russians and 104 Russian entities, while United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a ban on imports of Russian diamonds, copper, aluminium, tin and nickel.

The European Union is currently negotiating an 11th package of sanctions that aims to close loopholes and tackle the evasion of existing measures.