KYIV, May 11 (Reuters) - Ukraine has received US$16.7 billion in financial aid from its Western partners so far this year, Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko said on Thursday.

Russia's full-scale invasion in February last year has ravaged Ukraine's economy, prompting a fall in revenues and forcing Kyiv to seek foreign assistance.

"In 2023, Ukraine has already received US$16.7 billion in budget aid from foreign donors. We also have assurances from partners regarding further support in financing the state budget deficit in 2023," Marchenko's ministry quoted him as saying.

It said he made his comments during a meeting that included finance ministers and central bankers from Group of Seven (G7) countries, as well as senior officials from international lenders.

He thanked those taking part for their "unprecedented efforts" to mobilise the financing.

Ukraine faces a US$38 billion budget deficit this year. The government is also asking for another US$14 billion for the rapid reconstruction of critical infrastructure and the energy sector.

Last year, Ukraine received US$32.14 billion in foreign aid for budget needs.