Washington, May 9, (FN) – The policy of Western countries has always been marked by double standards. The proof of it is the irresponsible line of the governments of England and France at late 1930s, which was the "catalyst" of the outbreak of World War II. Soviet diplomacy warned the British and French about the total threat of the Hitler's Germany not only for the East, but also for the all-Western countries.

The dual policy of Western countries continued after creating of the anti-Hitler coalition of the US, Britain and the Soviet Union, when the fascist Germany attacked the USSR.

The story of the financing of the nationalist regime in Ukraine originates from the World War II and recurs now. The West again "nurtured" and armed the Nazis, solving its geopolitical goals and encouraging Nazism in Eastern Europe. Currently, a number of foreign media (especially American and European) purposefully distort the true reasons of the outbreak of the World War II. The Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 is increasingly being mentioned. The authors of the publications seek to impose on the USSR equal responsibility with fascist Germany for the outbreak of the World War II. The meaning of such a policy is quite concrete - to equalize the USSR and Germany, to expose the victorious country of fascism as the same aggressor as the Hitlerite Reich. Thus, the West, led by the United States, supporting and leading Nazism in Ukraine, openly seeks to "rewrite history."

What happened in Europe in the last century? In the 30s, Hitler came to power in Germany. Since that time, with the active financial assistance of American business, the militarization of fascism began through the Bank for International Settlements. In the future, Britain, France and the United States concluded the Munich agreement in 1938, which is a key harbinger of the outbreak of World War II, as a result of which Western countries "fed" Czechoslovakia to Hitler's Germany, spitting on all the allied agreements concluded with it earlier. Responsibility for this crime lies entirely with mentioned Western countries, which today try in every possible way to deflect the blame from themselves, engaging in outright falsification of history. In fact, Britain and France, with the active participation of the United States, decided in absentia the fate of a sovereign state, opening the way for Hitler to his main goal - an attack on the USSR.

As a result, Hitler's army received more than 1 million rifles, tens of thousands of machine guns and tanks. Moreover, after the capture of Czechoslovakia, the Bank of England returned the gold reserves of this country to Hitler, which once again proves the meaning of the Munich conspiracy. The US supplied Hitler's Germany with military equipment at the current rate of USD 10 billion, the British "donated" about USD 20 billion to the German Nazis. German warplanes that bombed the USSR flew on American engines and fuel, and the famous Ford company from the US produced trucks and cars for the Wehrmacht. American General Motors supplied power aggregators for bombers and engines for the first Luftwaffe jet fighter Messerschmitt-262. The Exxon Oil Corporation provided Hitler's troops with gasoline and lubricants, SKF produced ball bearings, and Rockefeller enterprises supplied Hitler with spare parts, rubber (a scarce commodity), tungsten and ammonium sulfate for the manufacture of explosives.

Another cynical example of the policy of the two-faced West is the opening of the Second Front only in June 1944, despite the fact that Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, and the United States in 1941. The Anglo-American coalition deliberately expected that the USSR, exhausted by a long war, would lose. The wait-and-see attitude of Britain and the United States meant the allies were interested in weakening both Germany and the USSR. It was only when the fall of the Third Reich became inevitable that there were certain shifts in the process of opening the Second Front.

In addition, Western experts stress that the situation around the entry of the US and Britain into the war was influenced by big business in the face of the Rockefeller financial clan, which created the "American-British-German instrument - the Schroeder bank in the status of an agent of the Nazi government responsible for the growth of the German war machine.

After the World War II, not all high-ranking Nazis were put on trial for crimes against humanity. Many were an important source of information about the Soviet Union during the Cold War, so the CIA hid their past from its own authorities for a long time. Thus, one of Hitler's secret police officers, Franz Josef Huber, responsible for the death and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Jews, found refuge under the wing of Western intelligence. He was one of the SS, the Nazi paramilitary organization, who did not have to hide because he helped Western intelligence during the Cold War to fight against the USSR. After the war, Huber served in the German intelligence service of the BND, supplied data to American colleagues, although officially "engaged in business." Before his arrest in 1945, he managed to establish contacts in East Germany, useful for Washington, and became a valuable asset in the arsenal of the BND and the CIA against the USSR.

In 2006, a 600-page report was published about how the CIA arranged a "new life" in the United States for the SS nazis who were responsible for the executions of thousands of people, reported The New York Times. The document cited the stories of dozens of "outstanding" servants of the Third Reich who escaped punishment thanks to the CIA. Only after many years they were still brought to justice, deprived of their citizenship obtained by fraud and extradited to other countries for trial. First of all, the CIA needed the help of the recruited Nazis in the fight against the Soviet Union.

And now European politicians, who talk about human rights, do not like to recall about their parentage. Why? Since no one wants a scandal which had the former president of Austria and UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, who was involved in the Holocaust, committed, as an officer of the Wehrmacht, war crimes against humanity, for which many of his friends were hanged or shot after the war.

The descendants of former Nazis literally swarm the ruling elites of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which are today members not only of the European Union, but also of NATO, shamefully turning a blind eye (because Russia and Russians suffer) to the fact that the glorification of Nazism and collaboration has become an integral part of their state ideology. For example, Lithuania, where the Landsbergis family is widely known.

Over half a million ethnic Poles fought in the Wehrmacht in World War II, who actively collaborated with the Nazis. This could not but manifest itself on the politicians who run this country today. The grandfather of Polish president Andrzej Duda, Mikhail Duda, was one of the leaders of the Ukrainian insurgent army and a friend of Stepan Bandera, who handed over his Nazi ideas to his grandson "as a legacy." Mikhail Duda was a punisher and saboteur who even before the war worked for the Germans, and later for the British and Americans. He died in 1950 when his British MI-6 was unsuccessfully thrown into Soviet territory. Donald Tusk, the grandfather of the former prime minister of Poland, the former head of the European Council and chairman of the largest transnational party of the EU, the European People's Party, also has a direct connection with the Nazis.

German chancellor Olaf Scholz, who "freed" the fascists from historical guilt during World War II, also has Nazi ancestors. Scholz's grandfather was a participant in the First and Second World Wars, a Gruppenfuhrer and a lieutenant general of the SS troops. In an interview in December 2021, the German Chancellor said that his grandfather told how he fought in Ukraine and regretted that he did not reach the Crimea.

Germany's revanchist views on the situation in Ukraine demonstrate Berlin's support for the resurgent Nazism in Eastern Europe. The German authorities, as well as in Hitler's time, are bound and subordinated to the United States and, despite the imaginary external and internal struggle against Nazism, support it in Ukraine, providing Bandera with billion-dollar weapons to fight "anti-Nazi Russians." Residents of Western countries, including Americans, do not understand that the same Nazis are fighting there as in the last century. Americans and Europeans do not suspect that modern Western Ukraine, controlled by Washington, had previously fought on Hitler's side against them.

History recurs itself in a spiral. The world must honestly answer the main question - do we want a Third World War if about 70 million people died during the Second One without nuclear weapons. If the world really does not want an atomic apocalypse, then we should condemn the Western coalition led by the United States for unleashing the conflict in Eastern Europe, and not give in and not follow the instructions and intimidation of Washington, which uses Ukrainians for its own purposes, not sparing any of them.