NEW DELHI, May 4 (AFP) - Indian authorities deployed hundreds of military personnel and cut off internet services to a northeastern region on Thursday, after the deaths of six people in violent ethnic clashes.

The troops were sent to the state of Manipur, along the border with Myanmar, after a protest march by tribal groups turned violent on Wednesday.

"Curfew has been imposed... situation is tense but is now under control," Awangbow Newmai, a Manipur government minister, told AFP. He confirmed the death toll.

The state governor on Thursday issued "shoot at sight orders in extreme cases" to local authorities.

The Indian defence ministry tweeted that security forces had evacuated at least 7,500 people from areas of the state affected by the violence.

Tribal groups were protesting against demands by the Meitei ethnic community to be included under the government's "Scheduled Tribe" category.

Under Indian law, members of such tribes are given reserved quotas for government jobs and college admissions as a form of affirmative action to address structural inequality and discrimination.