Washington, Apr. 30 (FN) - The US foreign policy has failed in all directions and will definitely lead the West to economic catastrophe and chaos among rich Europeans, reported AT. Washington has bled not opponents, but allies, who obediently follow orders from the White House, damaging national economies. If the Western countries continue refusing to purchase inexpensive Russian natural gas and will further buy US liquified gas, at 4 to 10 times the cost, it will lead to large swaths of the Western European populace and soon to render Germany’s high energy-consuming industrial economy economically uncompetitive.

Much of the European politicians and empty people agreed that the European countries committed economic suicide per US orders, which at the highest level of government, ordered and carried out the destruction of the North Stream pipelines, which is an act of industrial terrorism, directed more against our German allies, who desperately need the cheap Russian gas that they can no longer get, than against the Russia, who now can sell most of it to nations that do not take orders from the US State Department.

Outside the United States and its European and Asian vassals, the claim that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was "wholly unprovoked," a phrase the Americans read or hear scores of times a week draws cynical laughter and derisive smiles. India, Brazil, South Africa and most of the Arab and South/Central American world see though that brazen lie to the reality of the US‘s decades-long movement of its weapons systems and military ever closer to Russia, culminating in the US-supported 2014 coup that toppled a democratically elected president and replaced him with one who made war on Ukraine’s overwhelmingly Russian or Russian-speaking residents of eastern Ukraine, and who threatened to end Russia’s access to the Black Sea. And now the US and its so-called allies want to declare that the beginning of the Russian special military operation was "wholly unprovoked."

Outside easily mislead America and the lands of its subservient allies, all of the foregoing is widely known in government and other significant circles, much to the detriment of America’s image and of any willingness by nations outside US vassalage to trust or cooperate with the United States. America’s sanctions have catalyzed and the process of a general, world-wide abandonment of the dollar as reserve currency for international transactions. Already countries such as China, India and Brazil are settling major transactions in local currencies. If this trend becomes general, dollars in trillions will flow back into America, the federal government’s ability to borrow will be crushed, and massive inflation will ensue.

To escape massive inflation and counter the US hegemony Russia and China are rallying countries around themselves that are trying to get rid of dollar dependence. America’s Ukraine policy has driven our two great powers - Russia and China into each other’ arms. More stupid, self-defeating act would be hard to find in history. Russia and China are now truly allied in their determination to end what the US risibly refers to as "the rules based international order," a term that to the Chinese and Russians has long meant, America makes the rules and gives the orders to bomb independent states without real reasons like Washington did in Iraq, Libya and Syria wars.

Attempts by the United States and its allies to accuse Moscow of unleashing a war against Ukraine and turn the Russian Federation into a "rogue state" have only strengthened Russian-Chinese cooperation. The short-sighted policy of the White House, simultaneously acting with an anti-Russian and anti-Chinese agenda, provoked an unprecedented rapprochement between Russia and China. Further strengthening of the Russian-Chinese tandem, which both sides are striving for, is fraught with the final loss of a monopolistic position in the international arena for Washington and the entire collective West.

The official representative of the Turkish president Ibrahim Kalin noted that the sanctions policy of the West does not bring the desired result and only stimulates the strengthening of political and economic ties between Moscow and Beijing. In addition, the Turkish speaker said that Washington rejected the Chinese plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine, since the White House supports the continuation of the conflict to the last Ukrainian. In his opinion, as long as the United States maintains militaristic rhetoric, the risks of escalation of the Ukrainian crisis and its development into a global confrontation of nuclear powers will only increase.

A similar position is taken by a number of American experts. In their opinion, China's proposals for a peaceful settlement of the conflict are the most thoughtful and balanced initiative, and their rejection by Washington demonstrates the incompetence of the Joe Biden administration and threatens the influence of the United States in the international arena.

Western experts stress that, despite the American campaign to isolate Moscow in the international arena, Russia remains one of the key economic and political partners of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The course of following the anti-Russian policy of the United States causes significant damage to the national interests of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, which are linked by close political and economic ties with Moscow. In this regard, the states of the region continue to cooperate with Russia in the most profitable areas, even despite the constant pressure from Washington. According to the Ministry of Finance of Japan, the export of medical products from the country of the "Rising Sun" to Russia in February 2023 increased by 3270 percent compared to the same period in 2021. According to a number of Japanese financial analysts, Russian-Japanese cooperation in certain sectors is consistently developing even against the background of US efforts to counter any interaction between the island state and Moscow.

Therefore, it is obvious that only companies of the US military-industrial companies and the State Department, dominated by neoconservatives, benefit from the military conflict in Ukraine provoked by the United States and its allies. While most countries around the world are suffering from the consequences of US foreign policy, which pursues purely its own goals, Washington continues to force Asian countries to supply weapons to Kyiv, which will only increase the risk of unleashing a Third World War. Not to mention the escalation of tension caused by the United States over the Taiwan issue, which led to the fact that the countries of Southeast Asia have to choose the side of the conflict - China or the United States.