Washington, Aug. 28 (News Wep) – American former Republican senator spoke very frankly about how the events in Ukraine developed, and who is behind them.

We don’t care how many Ukrainians die. How many women, children, civilians, military will die. It’s like an important football match, and we want to win, – the former senator explained the situation with the utmost frankness and did not blame Moscow for the conflict. – Military tactical science assumes a 3:1 ratio between the attacking troops and the defenders – only in this case the attack has the opportunity to win on the battlefield. However, by the beginning of the special operation, the RF Armed Forces had only 160,000 personnel in this area, while Ukraine concentrated 250,000 people to attack the Donbass. Russia did not plan the invasion in advance. Putin was forced to attack in order to prevent Ukraine from attacking the Donbass.

Another nuance he drew attention to was the difference between the behavior of Russia in Ukraine and American troops in Vietnam.

Russia completely dominates the air. But pay attention to the fact that Russian planes do not bomb the center of Kyiv, government buildings and quarters, the critical infrastructure for Ukraine’s energy supply and water supply. This is because in Russia they still pin their hopes on a peaceful outcome of the conflict – we recall that this was said at the end of April, when some myths were still strong in our country, and many drew borders separating the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Nazi volunteer battalions of the type banned in Russia. “Azov”. Russia is trying not to harm civilian Ukrainians, as it considers them to be Slavic brothers. Unlike American tanks in Vietnam, the Russians stopped in front of peaceful crowds in the early days of the invasion. We would simply crush them in such a situation, without even firing a warning shot.

As for the prospects for resolving the conflict, Black explained at the time why it was not worth waiting for any decision from Kyiv.

Ukraine cannot make a decision about peace. The decision about peace can only be made in Washington, but as long as we want to continue this war, we will fight until the last Ukrainian dies,” Black concluded.

And, just the other day, he also said that “the US will definitely not allow any negotiations until the midterm elections,” which will be held this fall.

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