Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 20 – On the morning of Monday, 20 June 2022, Vattanac Brewery held an inauguration ceremony for the installation and implementation of the beer and non-alcoholic flowmeter system presided over by H.E. Mr Kong Vibol, Minister attached to the Prime Minister, delegate of the Royal Government in charge as Director General of General Department Of Taxation (GDT), and his spouse at the company’s brewery. The event was also attended by Neak Oknha Sam Ang and Neak Oknha Chhun Leang, the company’s co-founders, Neak Oknha Sam Ang VATTANAC, the company’s CEO, the management of Vattanac Brewery, as well as other business leaders and officials of the General Department of Taxation.

H.E. Mr Kong Vibol conveyed the gratitude and appreciation of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, through the Prime Minister’s own Letter of Commendation to Vattanac Brewery for voluntarily cooperating and implementing the Instruction No. 15024 GDT, dated 08 September 2021 on the obligation to install the beer and non-alcoholic beverage flowmeter on the sites of local beverage producing enterprises in accordance with Prakas No. 010 MEF. Pra.k, dated 12 January 2021 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, even though the company has just started its business over a short period of time. This gesture not only reflects the excellent corporate governance of the company itself, but also sets a good example for other enterprises in the same sector as well as the general enterprise and is an indispensable contribution from the private sector as a government’s partner and a driving force for the development and growth of the national economy, he added.

Neak Oknha Chhun Leang, co-founder of Vattanac Brewery, stated that although Vattanac Brewery is a local brewery that enters into the Cambodian market decades behind other players, the company has made a matured decision to set an example with optimism and the highest responsibility by voluntarily participating in the installment and implementation of the beer and non-alcoholic beverage flowmeter for the transparency of national tax revenue. She also reminded that the brewery was constructed during a difficult time of lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic in the country. However, having full confidence in the Royal Government under the wise leadership and long-term vision of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and also having its own confidence, experience and commitment to the positive contribution to the society and the Royal Government of Cambodia, the company has strived to invest in and construct the brewery without holding back at all in just 483 days, so that the production line can gradually start even if the construction has not yet been completed 100%. This was because the company wanted to contribute to the revival of the national economic activities as well as to increase tax revenue to the state.

Neak Oknha added that to date, Vattanac Brewery has produced two brands of beer, Vattanac Beer and Krud Beer, which have just entered the Cambodian market for just over 6 months. However, Vattanac and Krud beers have both already won gold medals from the prestigious MONDE SELECTION for 2022 in Brussels, Belgium, after passing rigorous and extensive review stages by numerous international beer expert committees, while the majority of the competing beers who have been operating in the Cambodian market for a long period of time have only won silver medals in 2022. She confirmed that it was not a surprise for Vattanac Brewery's beer products to win gold medals in such a short period of time because the company has properly complied with international standards related to taste, quality and hygiene. She added that Vattanac Brewery has just produced a new type of dark beer called “Dragon Beer” with a unique and distinctive taste, and is scheduled to launch in the very near future. In addition, Vattanac Brewery will also be producing other non-alcoholic beverages to meet the needs of the Cambodian market.

Vattanac Brewery is a subsidiary of Vattanac Group, which is a prominent group that has always won a series of major awards from many well-known national and international institutions around the world. These awards have been given due to the group’s core values of “Quality, health, excellent service and environmental friendliness” from the very beginning for all investments in Cambodia, including banking, real estate, hospitality, food, goods and services, and more.