MOSCOW, May 3 (TASS) - Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky does not need any peaceful settlement, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev asserted.

"Zelensky does not need any peace treaty. For him, peace is the end," he said on his Telegram channel.

Medvedev thanks that Zelensky will continue to beg the West for weapons and money and imitate concern for Ukrainians. "Zelensky in the future will keep begging the West for money and weapons, trying to prove he is still in the game, that he is the hope of the liberal world, that he is the last stronghold of European democracy which a bear in a cotton-padded jacket wants to tear apart," Medvedev said.

He added that at the same time, Zelensky would "imitate concern for Ukrainians, periodically positioning them as a human shield against the Bandera followers.".