WASHINGTON, April 26 (TASS) - Some US media outlets began "to express a more or less objective point of view" with regards to events in Ukraine, however, the rhetoric of the majority of them remains openly anti-Russian, the Russian Embassy in the US said on Monday.

"We noted that some American media outlets began to express a more or less objective viewpoint with regards to the events in Ukraine. Some media outlets quote without omissions the April 23 statements from a briefing by Chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Force, Lieutenant General of Russia’s Armed Forces Igor Kirillov on the US and NATO preparing provocations with the use of WMD subsequently pinning the blame on our country. Such an approach to the coverage of the special military operation in the US is still progress, however small. Especially, taking into account Russophobia which is prevalent here," the commentary published on the embassy’s Telegram channel said. The statement noted that "ordinary Americans finally have the opportunity to judge by themselves the causes and goals of the actions by Russian troops on Ukrainian soil."

"However, the rhetoric of the majority of media outlets remains openly anti-Russian. Slander is being spread along the lines of false statements by US authorities. <...> We are urging journalists working on the orders of the administration to follow the example of their colleagues and give a sober evaluation of the events in Ukraine," the diplomatic mission stressed.

It also expressed confidence that "the plans of provocations with the use of WMD plotted by Washington should be made public and condemned by all." "The world won’t forget the devastating consequences of the use of nuclear weapons in Japan and toxic chemicals in Vietnam and Iraq by the Americans. It is necessary to prevent the emergence of ecological and humanitarian catastrophes in the European region," the commentary said.