HONG KONG, Sep 7 (Bloomberg) - Hong Kong will start allowing visitors from China to enter the city without going through the strict quarantine process required for most arrivals, as the Asian financial hub seeks to reestablish closer travel links with the mainland.

The city will start a “Come2hk” travel program on Sept. 15 that will allow up to 2,000 non-Hong Kong residents per day from the mainland and Macau to visit the city, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said at a regular press briefing on Tuesday morning. They will need to undergo regular testing, including one before arrival that shows they have antibodies to the virus, she said.

Lam said the government will soon issue a press release with details of the program. It’s not a reciprocal program. Travelers from Hong Kong to the mainland must still quarantine.

Hong Kong has enforced mandatory quarantines of as long as 21 days for much of the pandemic. The city will also resume its “Return2hk” program on Wednesday to allow select Hong Kong residents from China, including those outside the neighboring Guangdong province, to return without quarantine.