HONG KONG, July 22 (CGTN) - China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Wednesday announced that its residents are required to wear face masks in public places, including indoor public areas.

The decision will take effect from July 23 and will last for 14 days.

Hong Kong's Center for Health Protection reported 61 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, including 58 local infections, bringing the total cases to 2,018 in the city.

Hong Kong witnessed a resurgence of coronavirus infections over the past weeks with numerous transmission chains still unknown. With 61 additional cases, the total confirmed cases rose to 2,019 in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

Chan said the next two weeks are crucial to Hong Kong's anti-disease efforts and there could be stricter measures if the tally continues to increase.

As many areas in the world still face a grave epidemic situation, Hong Kong will add the United States and Kazakhstan to the list of high-risk areas, effective next Wednesday. Inbound visitors who have been to those places within 14 days should provide health certificates, valid for 72 hours, before boarding.