BEIJING, Feb. 13 (CGTN) - Another 2,600 military medical personnel were sent to the central China city of Wuhan - epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak - with approval from Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission. This marks the third deployment of military medics in the effort to contain the outbreak.

The newly sent personnel will be in charge of patients at Wuhan's Taikangtongji Hospital (set to open 860 beds) and Hubei Provincial Women and Children's Hospital (set to open 700 beds), running services similar to their colleagues at Huoshenshan Hospital, which is already in full-scale operation.

Besides clinics, both hospitals will open up additional departments for infection contamination, special treatment, radio-diagnosis and disinfection.

Until this point, a total of over 4,000 medical staff from the Chinese armed forces have been dispatched to Wuhan. The newly sent team consists of personnel from units including the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force and Strategic Support Force.