PYONGYANG, Nov. 30 (CGTN) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) state media on Saturday lashed out at Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as an "imbecile and political dwarf" for calling Pyongyang's latest test of a large multiple-rocket launcher a ballistic missile launch and warned he may see a real one in the near future.

Pyongyang announced on Friday that its "super-large" rocket launcher is on a final review. This could be a new deployment of its new weapons system.

The announcement comes one day after the DPRK central media agency confirmed that it had fired two short-range projectiles to the East Sea.

Republic of Korea (ROK) military said both flew around 380 kilometers at a maximum altitude of about 97 kilometers.

In the wake of Pyongyang's firing, Abe said on Thursday that DPRK's missile launch was a threat to Japan and the international community, and that Tokyo would monitor the situation with its partners.

"It can be said that Abe is the only one idiot in the world and the most stupid man ever known in history as he fails to distinguish a missile from multiple launch rocket system while seeing the photo-accompanied report," KCNA news agency said, citing a vice director general of the DPRK Foreign Ministry's Department of Japanese Affairs.