SOUTH ASIA, July 24 (CGTN) -- The death toll from torrential rain, flash floods and landslides caused by monsoons across South Asia has risen up to 669 on Tuesday, according to official data. More rain is expected in the region through the week.

In India, at least 467 people have been killed in heavy rains since the start of July.

In Nepal, the death toll has reached 98 and 29 are reported missing.

In Bangladesh, at least 78 have been killed and more than 120 are missing in the country's northern areas after rains and flooding throughout the month, according to government data.

Officials in Pakistan said at least 26 people had been killed in the floods and rescue work was ongoing on Tuesday to find at least 21 people in the northern Neelum valley, located in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

According to Nepal's Ministry of Home Affairs, 3,300 people from different districts have been rescued by the government agencies.

Nepal's Army, Police and Armed Police Force have been deployed in the disaster-hit districts to carry out relief operations and to support people in high-risk areas.

The provincial governments have announced separate relief packages for the victims, including cash for the families of those who have lost their members and free treatment for the injured.

Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority said it had distributed more than 17 tonnes of food aid, in addition to more than 670 tents for those affected by the floods, the majority of whom were in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

A U.S. meteorological agency has warned that an emerging expansive monsoon across Central India over the next three to four days could extend up to the second week of August.

The monsoon rains bring disasters to Nepal, India and Bangladesh from time to time, but they also bring relief to drought-hit regions.

In 2017, a month of severe monsoon rains resulted in at least 1,200 deaths across India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and 41 million people were affected by flooding and landslides across the region.