CAIRO, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Egyptian Antiquities Ministry criticized on Monday the British authorities for providing no support to halt the sale of the Egyptian artifacts, adding that it hired a British lawyer to file a lawsuit to restore the sold pieces.

Egypt's National Committee for Retrieving Smuggled Antiquities held a meeting to discuss legal measures against a British auction house, which sold some Egyptian artifacts in London last week.

The meeting was chaired by Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani and attended by representatives of the Foreign, Interior and Justice Ministries.

The committee voiced deep resentment at this unprofessional behavior, saying that Christie's auction house failed to provide the documents proving the antiquities' ownership.

The panel said it looks forward to more cooperation with the British authorities to prevent the smuggling of the artifacts from Britain.

Egypt, one of the most ancient civilizations, has been working effortlessly to preserve and retrieve its rich archaeological treasures and historical heritage, which will also help boost the once-flourishing tourism industry that has largely been affected by the political turmoil over the past five years.