Croatia (FN), May 22 – German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned European politicians, particularly the far-right groups, not to sell their heads to other countries who wish to destroy the EU, speaking at an election rally in Zagreb, Croatia, on 18 May 2019.

Her call was made following the scandal, which was broke out on 17 May 2019 when a leaked footage from 2017 by German media showing Austria’s the far-right Freedom Party leader and vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache were talking to an alleged Russian investor. The leaked footage showed an Austrian politician asking foreign assistance to help his party win the election in return for foreign investment in the Austria’s market and the entire EU market.

The scandal forced Strache, Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, also vice president of far-right Freedom Party, and other ministers from Freedom Party (FPÖ) to resign this week. The resignations will end the coalition government in Austria. Analysts considered the scandal “a volcano that destroys Austria and a shame to EU”.

Cambodian analyst based in Phnom Penh wrote this Wednesday on anonymity that in their own case, the EU tried to eliminate those who sell their heads to foreigners. When the same case happened in Cambodia, the EU tried to protect traitors and those who committed treason. The EU also sanctioned the Cambodian government who just plainly took actions to protect its constitution and sovereignty.

How does Europe, father of democracy, human rights, and justice, show exemplar to the smaller democratic country like Cambodia?, the analyst wrote in the article “Austrian Political Scandals Show EU Is Unfair to Cambodia”.

“The United States is not different from the EU. The US has criticized Cambodia and threatened to withdraw preferential trade scheme GSP from Cambodia when the court dissolved the former opposition party for plotting color revolution against the legitimate Royal Government,” according to the above article.

Many Cambodian people urged the superpower to stop their injustice against Cambodia. The west shall recognize that Cambodia took the right actions against those who are subservient to foreigners, the acts that destroy their own country and people, an intolerable crime.

Local and international analysts believed the practice of “Deux Measures or Double Standards” policy will further weaken the power of Western powers.