SEOUL, Jan. 10 (CGTN) -- Republic of Korea's (ROK) President Moon Jae-in praised China's many positive roles in denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and the settlement of peace as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) Kim Jong Un is on his trip to China this week.

Moon made the remarks on Thursday during his New Year press conference, adding that the possible Seoul visit by Kim, and the second U.S.-DPRK summit will take place "soon".

Kim's trip to China this week is a sign that a second summit between Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump is "imminent", Moon added.

"I think Chairman Kim Jong Un's visit to China will have a very positive effect on the success of the second U.S.-North Korea (DPRK) summit," Moon told reporters.

Moon also urged the DPRK to take "more bold, practical measures for denuclearization" while telling the U.S. side to take corresponding measures.

"Corresponding measures must be devised in order to facilitate North Korea's (DPRK) continued denuclearization efforts," he added, such as the U.S. agreeing a "peace regime" and formally declaring an end to the 1950-53 Korean War.