SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- A man from the U.S. state of Oregon has become the first person in history to cross the Antarctica alone and without help, the Oregon Public Broadcasting network (OPB) reported Thursday.

33-year-old Colin O'Brady, an endurance athlete from Portland city of Oregon, completed a 1,500-kilometer arduous journey to Antarctica in 54 days on a solo expedition without any outside support.

O'Brady, who began his journey early last month at the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica and documented his adventure on Instagram, made his way to the South Pole and crossed to the Ross Ice Shelf, where Antarctica's land mass ends and the sea ice begins.

He said he has completed his goal to become the first person to traverse the continent of Antarctica "coast to coast solo, unsupported and unaided."

"I haven't taken a single day off in 50 days because if I do I'll run out of food," he told OPB.

O'Brady dubbed his adventure "The Impossible First" before he set out in November.