ANKARA, May 2 (Xinhua) -- Turkish artillery and drones struck Islamic State (IS) targets in northern Syria on Sunday, killing 34 of its militants, private Dogan news agency reported on Monday.

The airstrikes came in response to three rockets fired by the IS on the southeastern border province of Kilis on early Sunday, according to the report.

Five weapon pits belonging to the IS were destroyed in the raids, it added.

The Turkish army shared the intelligence gathered from Syria's north with the U.S.-led coalition and the operation was launched, it said.

Turkey has been hit by a series of rocket attacks by the IS from Syria since Jan. 18. In Kilis alone, 18 people have been killed and many others wounded from such attacks in recent weeks.

Turkey has recently been on high alert as the country has been rocked by a series of suicide and car bomb attacks that claimed many lives and wounded hundreds more.