Phnom Penh (FN), June 22 – US Embassy Phnom Penh will not provide any incentives or compensations to her former staff terminated in April, allegedly charged of sharing child pornographic photo in a private messenger group chat.

According to former embassy staff Long Seng Kimhong, the US embassy called the 32 dismissed staff to question again on Thursday morning following their second petition to demand the embassy to re-examine their terminations and solve issues of employments.

“Management Counselor Gary Anderson said the termination decision is valid,” Long Seng Kimhong who had served the embassy for almost 20 years told the press on Friday morning when he was with the 29 other former staff to clarify the case and ask for assistance and justice at the Ministry of Labor.

“What we fight for is just a photo evidence; however, Gary said that the case already passed,” Kimhong added.

At least 20 former staff, representing the 32 former employees dismissed by the US Embassy Phnom Penh in April 2018, claimed Tuesday that the dismissal was premeditated, as it was not reasonable at all

They said if the embassy does not want them to accuse the termination “organized”, the embassy shall present them the evidence.

Long Seng Kimhong expressed deep regret that the US, known as the most law obedient country in the world, should not do like this to him and his colleagues. He and others have served the US with sweat and blood for half of this life, but at the end of the day, injustice is what we got.

Obviously, the termination does not only affect themselves, but also their families, children’s education, and other daily expenses. Hence, only Prime Minister Hun Sen could seek justice for them, one of the staff said adding that petitions have been submitted to Cambodian Ministry of Labor, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Cabinet, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the assistance and justice.

The staff held non-violence protests and a press conference from 8 a.m to 11 a.m today. They informed that they will continue to do so until achieving solutions.