(Moscow): FN 11, Feb: A passenger plane carrying 65 passengers and six crew members has crashed near Moscow shortly after taking off.

A passenger plane carrying 71 people has crashed in Russia, leaving no survivors.

The AN-148 aircraft had disappeared from radars shortly after taking off from Domodedovo Airport in Moscow.

It is reported to have crashed near Argunovo village in the Moscow region.

The Emergencies Ministry said it had sent crews to the crash site.

The domestic plane was being operated by Saratov airlines, and had 65 passengers on board, along with six crew members.

It was flying to Orsk, a city in the Urals.

According to Flight Radar it took off at 11.22am (local time) and five minutes later it was tracked descending at 3300 ft per minute before the signal was lost.

Witnesses in the village told local media they saw a burning plane falling from the sky.