Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 29 - Prime Minister Hun Sen, founder of the "win-win policy”, which guaranteed peace and security in Cambodia and that everyone with any political tendency achieved victory.

He said on Thursday that December 29 is another important milestone in Cambodia's history,

PM Hun Sen highlighted on his Facebook page that although the Paris Peace Agreement on October 23, 1991 was established, the Khmer Rouge continued to control the areas and posed threats to the whole country as well as foreign tourists.

"To end the entire civil war and to fully reconcile the nation, on December 29, 1998, I decided to initiate a “win-win policy” that guarantees the lives, careers, and properties of the Khmer Rouge troops once they surrendered”, said PM Hun Sen.

The premier stressed that his “win-win policy” provided opportunities to Cambodians to build a better and developed country. His policy successfully ended the civil war in Cambodia on December 29, 1998, while UNTAC spent about $2,000 million, but could not end the three-decade war in Cambodia.

Former Khmer Rouge soldiers have shown their full appreciation of PM Hun Sen’s approach that ended wars and brought peace and development to the country.