Preah Vihear (FN), Feb. 22 – At least two Chinese and one Cambodian men were dead after a brawl broke out in a Karaoke parlor near to their workplace located in Preah Vihear province, 400 km north of Phnom Penh on the night of Feb. 21, police said.

Before the fight started, a group of Chinese men with one Cambodian, all working for a Chinese Sugar Company in the area, were just having funs at a Karaoke parlor and attended by some girls. When finished, the men handed $100 note to the girls as payment and waiting for the change. When the girls did not return the money, the men went furious and a violent feud over the money occurred, Chhuon Mady, Chief of Chheb district police told the press.

The peak of the brawl happened when the Chinese and Cambodian men were leaving the place and then another group of men believed to be protectors of the Karaoke parlor and the girls came out and stabbed the trio with knives. The two Chinese died upon arrival at the hospital while the Cambodian man critically injured and was later on reportedly dead at the hospital too, according to the police.

Police also said that four assailants were apprehended this afternoon of Feb. 22, and were remanded in custody for questioning and pending completion of the case filing before they are sent to the court.