PHNOM PENH (FN), Feb. 21 — The Swine Flu patient admitted to Cambodia-Russia Friendship hospital in Phnom Penh yesterday is in stable condition, said a Cambodian health official.

Health Ministry’s Technical Director General and spokesperson, Ms Or Vanndine told the press on Feb.21, that the H1N1 patient was getting neither better nor worse and was placed in a separate room under careful watch by medical experts.

The patient works for Cambodian television network, CTN, as a cameraman and was identified by a fellow CTN staff member as Khun No, around 30 year old.

The patient used to travel to many provinces and also used to have a lung disease, said the Ministry’s spokesperson. F1N1flu could be critical if the person that suffers from it has also a lung disease, otherwise it should not be peculiar disease since it only causes a flu that is a little different from the normal flu, she added.