PHNOM PENH (FN), Feb. 18 — While Cambodia is seen as still safe from the disease caused by mosquito-bone Zika virus that has been attacking parts of the world especially in Africa and Latin America, the Cambodian government is taking a series of proactive steps in this regard.

After issuing an alert a few weeks ago on the epidemic disease that might be brought across the border into the country and with recommendation on a number of precautions to especially heads of hospitals and health centers all around the country, another open event was held on Feb. 18, at the Ministry of Health with a presentation by the head of the ministry’s Communicable Disease Control Department to different participants many of whom were from the media.

Dr. Ly Sovann, Director of CDCD, said the disease was currently attacking mainly countries in Latin and Central America, and Brazil especially, in 2014. While in Cambodia there was only one case detected in 2010 but was successfully treated and there has been no report on the case since then.

“Anyway, we have to be extremely careful about it and the preventive measures taken by the Ministry of Health include strengthening the existing disease control system; blood testing any suspicious sick people especially those whose siblings are on return from Africa or South America,” said Dr. Sovann.

“In case of any suspicion, please just go to visit the doctor at the hospital or health center and providing him/her the full accounts of your trip, or you can also call to the following numbers: 115 or 012 488 981 or 089 669 567,” he added.

Zika virus can be transmitted through mosquito bites and just like Dengue Fever the most common symptoms were fever, rash, joint-paint and red-eyes. Most of those suffering from this disease can be treated within 2 and 7 days. Fatality caused by the disease is rare, he said.