PHNOM PENH (FN), Feb. 17 — Two tallest buildings of 134 floors each and about 500 meter-tall will show off at the center of Phnom Penh within the next three years, according to a copy of the document from Phnom Penh Municipal Office for Land Management, Urbanization and Construction made available to the press on Feb.17.

The construction will start off this year, 2016, on a parcel of 5ha of land currently known as the Dream Land social center, opposite Naga World Casino, in Chatomouk District, Khan Daun Penh, according to the document.

The buildings, named “Thai Boon Roong Commercial Twin Towers,” are a joint venture between a local firm, Thai Boon Roong Group Co., Ltd., and a Chinese construction firm. The construction will take three years, expected to come to completion in 2019.

Investment experts say that the project would cost at least $1billion. It would be the largest project in Asia and would represent the economic potential of Cambodia especially in the booming construction sector that would also help bring in new investments into the country.

Over the last ten years, Phnom Penh has seen a total number of 628 new buildings of between 5 to 40 floors and over, according to a report by the Municipality Hall.