PHNOM PENH (FN), Feb. 15 — Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen expressed his happiness over the meeting he had with around 500 Cambodians in the U.S. just after his arrival and after a long fly of over 20 hours from Cambodia.

“I am very happy to meet with our Khmer people in the U.S., no matter how tired I was after over 20 hours of flying. The strong support from our Cambodian-Americans here provides a further confidence and hope for Cambodians both inside and outside the country to participate in maintaining peace and further developing our country,” the premier said in a post on his Facebook page on Feb. 15.

Leading a Cambodian delegation to attend the U.S.-ASEAN summit meeting scheduled for Feb.15-16, Prime Minister Hun Sen left Cambodia on Feb.14 and arrived in San Francisco, California, the United States of America, at 8:30am of the local time.

Upon his arrival in the U.S. and prior to the Summit, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen held a meeting at 4:30 P.M on Feb. 14 (Pacific Time Zone UTC-08:00) with about 500 Cambodians in the United States at Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Hotel in the city of Rancho Mirage, California.

The premier said he came to the U.S. at this time because Cambodia is a member of ASEAN and hence Cambodia has a common task with other ASEAN member countries to work on and promote further cooperation with the U.S.

During the meeting with the Cambodian community in the U.S., Prime Minister Hun Sen called on especially Cambodians living in the U.S. to be united without political discrimination. “Regardless of which political party one would like to support, just unite together for the sake of national interest. Please don’t be arguing with each other in the country and then bring the arguments over here; an act that would only be shameful for our nation” said the premier.