PHNOM PENH, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) — As the Valentine's Day draws near, Cambodia has called on parents and authorities to help prevent sexual misconduct among teenagers on the day.

In a statement issued by the ministry of culture on Saturday, the ministry called on parents and authorities, particularly youth, "to take possible actions to prevent teenagers from using the day as a pretext to conduct any negative actions that are against Cambodian traditions and can affect their own future and reputation, as well as their family's dignity."

The Valentine's Day on Feb. 14 should be used as the day to express their love to parents, spouses, children, friends, orphans and disabled people, it said.

Valentine's Day is becoming popular among young people in the Southeast Asian country and some students skip classes to go on a date.

In a directive released by the ministry of education early this week, the ministry advised all public and private schools across the nation to take measures to prevent inappropriate activities on the day.