PHNOM PENH (FN), Feb. 9 — In the wake of protests over the last few weeks by Phnom Penh residents living along the railroad from the central station to Phnom Penh International Airport, over an express-way construction project, the government on Tuesday promised to hold consultation with the potentially affected community and asked that they stay calm until a solution that is acceptable to all sides is found.

Government’s Ministry of Public Works and Transport said on Feb. 9, that the express-way construction project is currently yet in the impact-assessment phase and the ministry would like to assure that an acceptable solution would have to be reached first before the construction can be approved and can start.

«Once again, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport would like to declare that we are in the position of holding public forum on the issues. So, please just stay calm and go on with your daily works. Let the government think and find ways that could be accepted by everybody. The express-way construction project is just in the process of feasibility study yet,» reads an announcement of the ministry.