Phnom Penh (FN), September 15 - Prime Minister Hun Sen urged Cambodians to stand up and unite to prevent foreign invaders who want to destroy and invade independence, freedom and sovereignty of the nation.   

The urge was made during meeting with 10,000 factory in Phnom Penh on Friday.

Cambodian government yesterday also announced the suspending of cooperation with the United States on searching for American soldiers’ remains in Cambodia.      

PM Hun Sen said that Cambodia is a nation with full independence, freedom and sovereignty, so we cannot allow foreigners to step in Cambodia’s internal affairs and destroy the democracy.  

"I call on all Cambodians to stand up for our independence, freedom and sovereignty. I do not want to see the event like in 1965-66 again,” he said.  

The premier also asked the US Embassy in Cambodia to clarify if the U.S truly supports Kem Sokha to topple the government.  

At the same time, the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia has ordered the police force to launch investigations on Americans living in Cambodia, and their suspected involvement in espionage in Cambodia before and after 2013.