Sihanoukville (FN), September 15 – Wouter Van Wersch, General Director of General Electric (GE) of ASEAN said on Thursday that the 135-megawatt coal power plant in Sihanoukville will officially launch in December 2019.

The construction of the power plant has been financed by Malaysian firm, Cambodia Energy II Co., Ltd., and GE is responsible for the supply of electrical equipment from the factory to the power grid.

Meanwhile, GE is hoping to join the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) to identify challenges of the energy industry in Cambodia and to help the government reaching three principles, including 20% reduction of energy demand by 2035; 3 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions reduction by 2035; and 100% of rural electrification.

GE, a US-based company, has been operating in Cambodia for nearly a decade.

GE signed a MoU in April with MME to install the Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) in monitoring and analyzing the level of power plants across the country.