Phnom Penh (FN), September 15 - Senior Official of Ministry of Information warned Radio Free Asia (RFA) to be responsible for their additional illegal works.

This warning was made after RFA recruited additional staff to work at any places separately. MoI considered this action as illegal acts, an equivalent to espionage.

Ouk Kimseng, spokesman for the MoI, made this remark at a press conference on Friday to interpret and react to RFA's groundless allegations on the closure of its office in Phnom Penh.

“RFA journalist concluded a contract with 40 staffs, but recruited another group working secretly. This is information that I know, so we see his intention," said Ouk.

"If RFA wants to work in the dark, RFA must face the law in our country,” Ouk Kimseng response to the question.

Ouk Kimseng confirmed that the ministry has not blocked any rights to RFA as well as other media outlets.

“He closed his own office, shut down his own operations, but he blamed the pressure. When the government tried to explain his duties in a legal way, he did not listen and spread false information to the public. The MoI did not close them,” he added.

RFA has closed its office in Cambodia on September 10, and its staff in Cambodia work individually by sending direct information to Washington DC, according to Ratha Visal, a spokesman of RFA.

After closing, RFA staff have concluded a contract and will continue to voluntarily make a new contract later, according to the spokesman.

He added that RFA claimed that the reason for the closure of its unlisted office in Cambodia was that RFA did not want any further pressure.