Phnom Penh (FN), September 14 - MoFA issued a statement on Thursday afternoon, stating that the decision on US visa suspension for Cambodian officials is unreasonable and contradictory to Cambodia-United States good cooperation over past issues.

The reaction was made after U.S. Embassy has discontinued issuing B1, B2, and B1/B2 visas for Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs employees with the rank of Director General and above, and their families, with limited exceptions under charges to deny or unreasonably delay accepting its nationals subject to be deported by the US.  

“Visa restrictions are the sovereign rights of the United States Government. However, the linking of these restrictions to the repatriation of Cambodian nationals is unreasonable and contradictory to the spirit of good cooperation between Cambodia and the United States over the years in this particular matter,” according to MoFA statement.

Cambodia is still prepared to accept its nationals who will be deported by the US and will try by all means to ensure that those Cambodians will be successfully reintegrated into society and begin their new lives with the fullest decency and dignity.

Read MoFA's full statement below: