Phnom Penh (FN), September 14 - In April 1975, the United States devastated Khmer families, forcing Cambodians to be the victim during the Khmer Rouge, and rescued some Cambodians to the US. That was the destruction of the whole nation.

Today the U.S is trying to break apart Cambodia again, sending Cambodian refugees back. The U.S used the old trick again - one hand helps, while another hand is holding the stick ready to hit.

We just asked the US to suspend the sending of Cambodian citizens back to Cambodia until the amendment of the 2002 agreement, aiming for better human rights, is ready. I condemn this malicious trick and tell America that the word "imperialism" is not wrong to describe the U.S.

Americans committed a lot of mistakes on Cambodia, including the bombing, killing, and destroying.

The United States never apologized Cambodians for the tragedy, and now the US continued its ambition to destroy Cambodia again.

In view of the worsening situation in Cambodia, as the US Embassy has issued a statement that its citizens should be cautious in Cambodia, the United States should take a helicopter to transport its citizens from Cambodia, as it did in April 1975.

Message from the victims of 1970.