Phnom Penh (FN), September 12 – Top official of Prime Minister Hun Sen Cabinet on Tuesday afternoon responded to US Embassy's statement.

“It is clear with sufficient evidence of Kem Sokha’s betrayal with U.S to overthrow the government of Cambodia. The arrests are made with clear evidence and cannot be denied,” said PM Cabinet Official.

"If what Kem Sokha said in the video is not clear, why the US Embassy did not react to Kem Sokha's comments. Does the U.S accuse Kem Sokha or Kem Sokha accused the U.S? This is a question to the U.S Embassy,” he added.

The reaction was made in response to the U.S ambassador to Cambodia's statement regarding the connection between the U.S to the treason case of Kem Sokha, president of CNRP.

Ambassador William A. Heidt issued an immediate press release on Tuesday afternoon concerning the situation of Cambodia-United States relation with the arrests of Kem Sokha.

In a statement, he expressed regret that Cambodia had drawn US attention to Kem Sokha's case, and would consider it an abusive allegation.

The ambassador said he felt deeply hurt by the allegations, as his presence in Cambodia was intended to improve the relation between Cambodia and the United States.

"This has been very painful for me personally. I think you know that I have a special connection to Cambodia, and I came here two years ago with clear instructions to seek to improve our relationship," according to ambassador's statement.

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