Phnom Penh (FN), September 2 – Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) senior officials and CNRP activists on Friday reacted to the Fresh News agency (FN) after FN broadcasted sensitive information on Thursday regarding CNRP leaders holding secret meeting with Taiwanese extremist group to topple the Cambodian government.

Mu Sochua, CNRP vice president, has considered the news published by Fresh News as an incitement and called for the government to stop using FN as a tool to attack CNRP.

CNRP member Prince Sisowath Thomico informed Cambodians not to take photos with foreigners, fearing that FN would accuse them of having plan to topple the government.

CNRP activists, mostly overseas, had come up with their Facebook campaign to attack FN, and called to unlike FN’s Facebook page.

Fresh News CEO, Lim Chea Vutha was not affected or surprised by CNRP’s reaction, as FN gathered the information from “Kon Khmer” Facebook page.

“If the information is not correct, CNRP should release a statement or clarification instead of attacking FN on social media,” said Lim Chea Vutha.

“I had received many confidential documents and information relating to the CNRP’s plan to overthrow the government. I am considering to release the documents,” he added.

Many Cambodians were shocked when knowing that CNRP had a merciless plan to topple the government.