Kratie (FN), September 1 - Prosecutor of the Kratie Provincial Court Keo Socheat ordered on Friday the closure of 11 illegal gold mine areas and prepared for further legal action.

Mr. Keo Socheat said that after receiving news of the incident, he sent 2 Deputy Prosecutors to led officials, experts and authorities to examine the locations and found another 11 illegal gold mine areas.

Three gold mine workers were fatally injured in a landslide accident in a gold mine on Thursday afternoon located in Kbal Damrey commune, Sambor district, Kratie province.

According to the report, the three victims went into the mine pit with a depth of 25 meters, and the three bodies were lost in the pit.

Minister of Mine and Enegry, Suy Sem, considered the place as "anarchic without proper regulations”, and asked the provincial authorities to work together to prevent further incidents.