Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 5 – Prime Minister Hun Sen issued an order on Feb.5, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide legal defense to the two Cambodian market vendors who were arrested by the Thai police at the border Market, Rong Kloeur, Thailand, two days ago, according to a government's official. 

Chum Sounry, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in the statement that "H.E. Hor Namhong immediately instructed Cambodian Ambassador and Cambodian consul in Thailand to seek for lawyers and provide legal support to the arrested vendors at any cost just as we have always done."

A brawl broke out on Feb. 3, between Cambodian market vendors and Thai police when the latter, from the Department of Special Investigation, was trying to confiscate the alleged counterfeit products in Rong Kloeur Market. As a result, two Thai police SUVs were smashed by the Cambodian vendors, two of whom were arrested. 

The two Cambodian vendors were tried by a Thai court on Feb. 4, to be put in jail for three months each. 

Video footage of the two involving in the brawl has also been sent to Cambodia’s Embassy in Bangkok by the Thai police, said the statement.