Phnom Penh (FN), June 20 - National Election Committee will start listing new voters for the 6th mandate election and for those who already registered in 2016 do have to re-register, according to Khorn Keo Mono, a director of NEC's communication department.

The registration lasts for two months from September 01 to November 09, 2017.

The registration process will be the same as the commune-council election but it was not confirmed yet, according to the director.

NEC urges all eligible voters, 18 years old or above, to register to vote.

In 2016, 9.6 million people registered, but only 7.8 million voted, an equivalent to 81% of those registered. For the 4th mandate commune-council election, 6.7 million people voted, an equivalent to 85% of the registered.