Phnom Penh (FN), June 17 - Prime Minister Hun Sen had an exclusive interview with Fresh News on Saturday concerning the accusation of secret instructions to armed forces commanders.

"Rainsy was stupid for accusing me giving secret instructions to commanders of the armed forces to be implemented on him," stated the premier in the exclusive interview.

"Where is my signature and seal?... Rainsy was imprisoned for his consecutive incitements and defamations," he added.

The premier reiterated that if Rainsy arrived at the airport, he will be cuffed.

Sam Rainsy, former Cambodia National Rescue Party in exile, on June 14, 2017 accused the premier for giving the secret instructions to commanders of armed forces to take action against him.

"These instructions show that Hun Sen wants to provoke a war and to kill innocent people when Sam Rainsy returns to Cambodia. This would also be another pretext to dissolve the CNRP," Rainsy wrote on Facebook.

"Substance of Hun Sen’s electronic message: To leaders at all levels, especially commanders of the armed forces. Today I ordered that the ministerial instruction to airline companies not to carry Sam Rainsy to Cambodia, be cancelled. We had good intention when issuing that instruction intended to avoid any bloodshed, in particular Sam Rainsy’s death. But this good intention has been used by Sam Rainsy as a pretext to say that we wanted to prevent his return to Cambodia. This is only a cancellation of the interdiction (for him) to travel by air; it is not a pardon granted to Sam Rainsy. Sam Rainsy is still a convict who must be dealt with by the law-implementing forces according to sentences handed down on him by the tribunal. He (rude word in Khmer) must absolutely be put in jail at any cost. He (another rude word in Khmer) absolutely must not escape. The arrest of Sam Rainsy must be conducted on board the very plane carrying him, which must be ordered to park at the military zone of the airport if it is Phnom Penh. If it is in Siem Reap or Preah Sihanouk province, an adequate zone must be found that is different from the zone used by (ordinary) passengers. All units of the elite forces must be prepared to intervene and destroy any forces that would hinder the implementation of the law. This order must be quietly implemented. When the situation occurs, other targets in other areas in an enlarged front must be dealt with as necessary. Wait for orders," according to Rainsy's Facebook post.