PHNOM PENH (FN), Jan. 13 — Controversy over the construction of a hydro dam over the Mekong in Laos continued to dominate the meeting of the Mekong River Commission Council that took place today in Phnom Penh, official said.

Chan Yutha, spokesperson for the Ministry of Water Resource and Meteorology who attended the meeting, was quoted as saying: “Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries and institutions that are cooperative partners on the Mekong all expressed concerns over the impacts of hydro-dam projects on the upstream of the Mekong river including Dorn Sahong Hydro-dam.”

Chan Yutha said the meeting chaired by Minister Lim Keanhor who is also Chairman of Cambodian National Mekong Committee and Chairman of the Mekong River Commission Council for 2015-16, called for comprehensive review and consultation on cross-border impacts before proceeding to construction.

The 260-Megawatt Dorn Sahong hydro-dam is located just about 1km from the Cambodian border and, according to civil society, would cause serious impacts on approximately 6 million people living around the Mekong and Tonlesab Lake and would be a threat to many species including the Mekong river dolphins.