PHNOM PENH (FN), Jan. 13 — Fresh News (FN) audience will soon enjoy more access to international news and events in addition to its daily local news under a cooperation agreement between FN and the China’s Xinhua News Agency.

The cooperative agreement has been reached between Xinhua’s News Program and Fresh News Page and Application in Khmer and English languages with a view to featuring more wide-ranging international news for Fresh News English-reading audience.

Fresh News official page in English (Fresh News International) is scheduled to start off this coming Feb. 2016 to provide more access to both local and international news to all audiences, especially non-Khmer readers. 

The English version of Fresh News focuses mainly on news and events in Asia with main target readers being expats and Embassy’s personnel in Cambodia. Fresh News International’s team consists of well-known journalists with comprehensive experience with both local and international media organizations. 

Fresh News, an unlimited news provider is now in your hand!