Phnom Penh (FN), April 3 – Cambodia’s tourism authorities have featured the 2017 Angkor Sangkranta in the "Visit ASEAN@50", the ASEAN's best 50 festivals and 50 most unforgettable travel experiences.

Tith Chantha, Secretary to Cambodia's Ministry of Tourism and Hun Many, President of Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia and President of Angkor Sangkranta’s Organizing Committee were some of representatives at the event.

The program took place in Siem Reap on Monday and was attached to ASEAN Tourism Committee Meeting 2017.

Cambodia is hosting 500 international guests from ASEAN Member Countries and 60 from ASEAN Secretariat.

“Angkor Sangkranta is a significant tourist event not only for Cambodians but for all ASEAN people. We have included Angkor Sangkranta in the 'Visit ASEAN@50,' in order to attract non-ASEAN tourists to visit ASEAN," said Tith Chantha.

“Angkor Sangkranta is a place where foreigners can learn more about Khmer culture,” he added.

Tith Chantha urged local and international tourists to follow traffic laws to ensure safety and peace.

Angkor Sangkranta aims to promote and preserve Khmer culture and tradition.

The unique and historic events have been organized through the support and collaboration of various government and private partner with the intent to demonstrate the spirit of solidarity within Khmer culture.

The celebration also showcases key traditional practices and symbols to remind Cambodians, particularly the young, of the country’s prosperity.

It also serves to promote awareness of Cambodian history and contributions to the world.

Cambodia’s arts and culture have been widely recognized on the international stage.

Khmer New Year is the celebration of  the traditional Lunar New Year.

The holiday lasts for three days beginning on New Year's Day, which usually falls on April 13th or 14th, and signals the end of the harvesting season, when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor before the rainy season begins.

ASEAN website has featured the River Festival, Sea Festival, Khmer New Year, Angkor Sangkranta, Water Festival, and half-marathon in ASEAN's 'Best 50 Festivals and 50 Most Unforgettable Travel Experiences', according to the Minister of Tourism, Thong Khon.