Phnom Penh (FN), March 24 – Ambassador Ney Sam Ol, the permanent Cambodian representative to the United Nations in Geneva issued a statement following the 34th Session of the Human Rights Council on March 23.

“Human rights issues often become a tool for demonising the government's reputation," said the ambassador.

"The statements made in relation to human rights issues in Cambodia unfairly portrays the situation in a negative way, which is based on inadequate information and contradict the reality on the ground; ignoring the progress attained and the commitment made by the Government for the promotion and protection of human rights,” he asserted.

“Cambodia is the staunchest advocate in terms of ratifying international human rights instruments.

So far, among the ten international core human rights treaties we are a member of nine.

In addition, we further extended the MoU, allowing the presence of OHCHR in Cambodia for another two years,” he continued.

“On the contrary, some delegates lecture Cambodia on human rights, their human rights records are tainted with fraud ranging from electoral irregularity to racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and so on,” he stated.

He added that “Cambodia is well aware of all rights and responsibilities prescribed and proscribed in the treaties to which it is a party.

We also believe that rights are contingent, not absolute, thus one should perform one’s own rights with responsibilities,”

"Some delegates have applied a double standard and selective approach toward the Government when it comes to human right issues in Cambodia."