Takeo (FN), Mar 23 - A white elephant was reported dead due to electric shock in Preah Kosomak Park, Sihanoukville province and that its remains have been transferred to the Tamao Zoo in Takeo province for burial.

The elephant's body, estimated five tons, was moved to the center in an effort to protect it's remains from grave robbers, exhibition, and medical researchers.

The Reserve hopes that the incident will create a more compassionate feeling towards animals and help to protect more indigenous species in the future.

Local villagers discovered the animal on March 22 in the mountainous areas of Kirirom, Preah Sihanouk province.

Park officials have reported that, “A group of elephants normally come down at night to eat at the villagers’ farms, and there have been past cases in which the electric polls fall down because of the elephants.”