JAKARTA, March 23 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian embassy in Britain has issued advice for nationals staying in that country to remain vigilant following recent deadly attacks in London's Westminster Bridge, Indonesian officials said on Thursday.

"Indonesian embassy in London has issued the advice through its website, calling our citizens there to remain vigilant and contact the embassy should they need assistance related to the event," Indonesian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arrmanatha Nasir said.

He added that the embassy has opened hotline phone number for Indonesians seeking information over their relatives in London.

The attacks in Westminster Bridge that occurred on Wednesday killed five people and injured 40 others, Britain authorities said.

The perpetrator was shot to death by police guarding parliament building near the bridge after he stabbed an unarmed police to death and attempted to trespass into the parliament.

The authorities have yet to publish the perpetrator's identification.

Director of Citizen Protection and Legal Assistance at the ministry Lalu Muhammad Iqbal said that no Indonesian was among those killed or injured in the attacks.

"Our embassy would continue monitoring the situation and coordinate with authorities to address the developing situation," he said in different occasion.

According to data released by the ministry, more than 14,000 Indonesians are staying in Britain at present, in which 3,000 of them are students.